I got accepted for Adsense!


This is the first time I got accepted for Adsense, in the blogging world of course

I already use Adsense (Admob to be specific) when I publish my Hari Chemistry app, like in mid 2016 (About 3 years ago?)

But, well, I am ashamed to say it. But I forgot which account I use for that adsense account. Was it my account? Was it my father’s? Was it my account that represent my father?

To put simply I had too much email, and I forgot that which account that I use :’) I already got some money there, but not enough to justify finding it (Less than $1 maybe)

But, this morning!!!!

Around 2:30 AM, I got mail from Google Adsense!!!

And yeah, I sleep really late yesterday, because DaVinci Resolve is amazing

The email, looks something like this

The first thing I thought for myself: HOLY SHIT!!!

I mean seriously, this blog, I only started serious with this blogging thing, with my social media effort, this January 1st! But I got accepted. Even though my blog views is not even that high or stable

I scared with that statistic, I already don’t track myself in that statistic, but I feel like, that pageviews coming mostly from myself

Yeah, I scared

Moral of the story is, work hard… maybe you’ll be lucky

Is that a good moral? I don’t think so, luck is not always on my side. But today, it is. I will try to continue doing it, work hard, I can, got lucky, that’s on God’s side

Also, I open and refresh and reopen my blog several times today, I also clicked some of my own ads mostly because I need some experiment

Why the ads sometimes doesn’t showed up? Sometimes they took some space but no ads appear… something like this

But the most important thing, is that browsing my own blog thing

I need to read the agreement, this time :’v

The thing is, I already got money. Around Rp. 1000,- (Adsense stated that we shouldn’t say our exact amount)

Is that okay? I already set my blog now, the placement is already QUITE nice, mostly because this template that I currently use is default Blogger template

So, they already think about ads placement, but I still need to do tweaking

Ahhh, hopefully I can make money, hopefully I can justify spending like 10$ every year, just for the domain harianugrah.com

I hope I can stay consistent, and grow this blog more

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