I got a new hair cut, it sucks

Yeah, so my school have this rule… basically you have to cur your hair regularly

This Monday, my school gave us some tolerance until Wednesday… I love my long hair, it feels comfortable, when it’s not too long of course

I want to cut my hair yesterday (Wednesday), but since today I got PE class in the morning. I figured, who cares :v…

I mean they check my hair in the morning, and since in the morning I am not at school… I will be okay :v which I am

But not tomorrow, so I got my haircut this evening… Even though I feel tired

I want to try out new hair style, so I give some random command… and it ended up like that

I don’t really like it, but well… that’s the price of experiment

Actually I want to have hair style, something like Riley’s
Hasil gambar untuk riley murdock

But well, my hair will grow again anyway

But this hair style, I thinks is not completely new

This hair style remind me of my old hair style from 2015

How I remember it? Because it feels uncomfortable, just like this one

I have a photo, wait

Wkwkwk, that one looks better actually… this one, this new one is not


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