I didn’t sleep last night


Lemme tell you, this is not the first time I didn’t sleep for the entire night

And that’s not all, I always fascinated by human body. But I can’t do experiment with other’s body, so therefor- You guessed it, I do experiment on my own body

// Now I think about it, this is probably why I got sick often

There is this one project, I called the project, Project Starving, as the name suggest… Basically the project is to starve myself to death

Which of course, I fail finishing it… Hopefully, I still am alive right? Am I in Divinity?! Nah,

In my senior high life, I got mobility, friends, and money… so we spent time together, and eat… a lot

Therefor I gain weight, so in a way you can say… my fat is my friend’s fault… wkwkwk

I did starve myself like, if I remember correctly, two days… that’s it :v

I watched some random youtuber did the same project like me couple weeks ago, and they said, the hardest day is the third day… and I can’t even pass the two days mark.

Well, in a way, I glad I successful in that project. That project is intentionally to fail, I mean of course I don’t want to starve myself to death, my dream is just too big


I also love observing what my body does, when something happened (For something unplanned). Like today, I didn’t sleep all night (Yeah night, because this morning I forced myself to sleep)

Maybe the biggest reason is, yesterday, something like 6 PM, I drank some weird combination… you know what, I will tell you

I prepare two glasses, one condensed milk, one instant coffee, and one tea…

The first glass is the combination of milk and tea, and second one is the combination of milk and coffee

Mostly because I can’t find any other glasses, and I thought condensed milk is a good replacement of sugar (Yeah, I kinda paranoid of diabetes)

The coffee, that must be it… I heard caffein in coffee work for hours, something like 12 hours or something… so yeah, I didn’t sleep

But this is not the only reason I didn’t sleep

As I mentioned above, I have some sleepless nights in the past as well

And the reason for that is, my brain is just not stopped working, I do programming in the night, mostly because I can concentrate well in the night

Then, if I found something amazing that at window of time, something like challange, a new framework, a new implementation or just some cool shit… And the clock already pointing at 1 AM, I have to forced myself to sleep

Which of course, I can’t… that’s one reason I tried to do programming in the day these last couple of months… and writing in the night (I write most of my novel from 10 PM to 12 PM)

Usually I finish one chapter at one night… but that also raise problem, if I got something for the next chapter, I would have a hard time to sleep

Sleeping is weird,
I hate to go to sleep
I don’t care when I am sleeping
I hate to get out of my bed
Weird, rit?

And also, for the sleep part

When I get to shower this morning (6 AM), I feel disoriented

I know that’s because my lack of sleep (From the past experiment to my body as well), so I try to do poly phase sleeping or whatever

So I drink coffee, and just listen to some random shit on youtube in the background, and close my eyes. The intention was, to simulate napping. So 20 minutes, then wake up….

Nope, my battery run out while I sleep, no alarm… how?! playing youtube drain my (probably) already low battery

So I ended up waking up at 11 AM, so 4 hours of sleep? I do really need to better my sleep, or back to my normal sleeping pattern

It happen every time, long holiday = messed up sleeping pattern, 041116 and 040616… heck, I event made a table of my messed up sleeping pattern

That’s from July 2017

And also, I use this Runtastic Sleep Better to track my sleep, I wanted to buy a smartwatch, and of course, my forgotten Nightowl Project

I guess,, in college I will choose morning schedule

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