I claim hariangr custom channel url in Youtube, and it’s quite a journey

First of all, lemme say this… I cheat, ok?

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about it

So I started this program that I called as Hari Anugrah’s Social Media Effort, which consist of Instagram, Youtube and Blog

The effort started since late mid December, around Dec 19th 2018… marked by this Instagram post

But, the precursor to this effort can be traced to September 20th, 2018 when I tried to buy ig followers

Let’s put the exposition aside, now the main topic

I started using this app called USub from late December, mostly because I was curious

Then, like a couple hours ago, after uploading this vid, I noticed my channel url

The link was so ugly, it looks like this https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBf9YG3JOfj3ATcnkTrLx6w

That remind me of my old youtube channel, Gusti Anugrah Nugraha which I have this nice custom url

Of course I was jealous, to myself, to have such a nice short beautiful custom url, https://www.youtube.com/user/gustianugrahnugraha

If I’m not mistaken, it was easy to create custom url, the last vid I uploaded there is 4 years ago, so between 4 years ago, and couple months ago… the policy have changed

I did try to change my url before, a couple months ago, but I can’t… I forgot why, but probably because my subs count is not enough

That’s why, today I cheat :v, early this morning I have 77 subs, now I got 103, which probably will down tomorrow, but that’s okay… I got what I wanted

Between all my major social media account, YouTube is the only one where the username hariangr not implemented

Well, if you exclude Facebook of course, which I create the custom url like when I was around 13 yo. But I don’t consider facebook as my main social media, so that’s okay

I started using USub (Which, I cheat USub system as well, I use my second channel for USub). Then after I got to 100 subs

I get to rapidfire, high speed, high concentration mode. I open my channel dashboard, and claim a custom url

But at first, I kinda disappointed. Since Youtube already predetermined my custom url (youtube.com/c/HariAnugrah), which, isn’t that invalidated the purpose of custom url?!

Eh, wait!!! I noticed something

As a programmer, I realized that, they determined the custom url based on my name on Google+

Then I immediately change it, but I got another disappointing message

Basically, Google+ warned me, because last name doesn’t change often in normal ciscumstances… I will have to wait before I can change my name again :’)

But who cares, I need to enforce my personal brand… I already committed to it!!! I changed my Google+ name to hari angr, yeah noticed the [space]? and the lowercase h and a?

Then, I immediately claimed the custom url, which worked… thankfully

The problem is, I left with this weird channel name, hari angr… because I already committed to it, I have to bear with it

Nope, I hope the programmer at Google+ haven’t enforce the new policy yet… so I try to change the name back to Hari Anugrah, which succeeded… yeay!

Glad I have this experience as a programmer, I love using shortcut :v yeay

Now I secured my brand at Youtube, I think… hopefully I can improve this channel to become big, and can support me in the college

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