I am a horrible brother

So, I have an older brother and a younger sister

I always tried to be a good brother to my sister, but… sometimes, I just don’t

I don’t know why, but I just hate when someone go to my room when I still working on something

Like just now, I just finished writing and printing script for my youtube vid, ‘Anime terbaik 2018’, I let those print out on my bed

Then my sister come inside my room and move the papers, and I mad, just like that

I am not consciously want to mad at my sister, heck… If only I think, I would let her, you know… I try to be a good brother, but probably I wasn’t born a good brother

Or probably this is normal, normal to be mad when someone bother you at work

But still, I do think I was behaving badly toward my sister…

Will I say sorry, this is the thing I don’t like about my family… it’s kinda hard to say something like that, I mean saying ‘happy birth day’ is kinda hard here

So no, I will just try better myself… which is hard

And, now I think about it, I think I mad because I wasn’t having a good sleep, I didn’t sleep last night

Ok, that explain it… I know when I don’t sleep well, I don’t behave the best I could, I already did experiment on it


So sorry my sis…

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