Hopes and dream as a naive kid

What a child have that adult don’t?

Hopes and dream…

:’) it hit me hard man

I am a teen now, 18 years old,

wait, is it adolescence syndrome?! Is it because of, Seishun Buta Yarou?!

Nah, Idk what to say

As a child, I didn’t have a big dream, pre 5th grade I didn’t really have a dream, when my teacher ask I would probably answer generic answer like doctor, teacher, police, pilot or whatever

In fact, even post 5th grade I still didn’t have clear path, I wanted to be a programmer, sure… But when Bu Jro (Somehow I still remember her name, my 6th grade teacher) ask me about my dream

I didn’t know what to answer, so I use human’s best weapon… I joked, I remember I said I wanted to be a thief, of course I don’t really want to be a thief

Just idk… child do have freedom etc, but not financial freedom, just time freedom… adult have money but less time idk…

Wait, it remind of of The Anime Man vid that I watched one hour ago, let me look up my history…

Idk why I put it there, also there is this meme I still remember, but I don’t have it right now

A meme about, time, freedom, and whatever bar people have in different age of their, whatever

It makes me sad… that’s it…. especially since I already stated I want to create my own company, blablabla, but I doubt myself for some reason, mostly because my father told me to keep it safe

My father is not wrong, idk… my father forced to have that perception because my brother…

Huft, idk… doubting my own self

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