Homework(s) this semester is hard

So I just wrote that I run instead of studying just now…

And I realized, this morning my whole class haven’t done our Math homework

No no, it wasn’t because it was hard. Well, yeah it was hard. But the thing is we forgot about it completely, at least I do

The homework was in Compulsory Math subject. Compulsory? That’s a weird word to say

But well, I forgot doing my homework? Well, that’s not strange… But the girls in my class forgot doing homework? Well maybe we are up to something

Now my class forgot doing homework like my entire class forgot doing homework… WE ARE UP TO SOMETHING

Well, that’s not really that hard to explain

My classmates’ mind is filled with snmptn and sbmptn and college and regret and studying and stuff… that we forgot to do this homework

Our mind capacities are not that big you know… we can think of so much stuff before forgetting things

That’s not the point here

The point is, Pak Laba must be disappointed by us. It’s hard, I look up to him, I always tried my best to go to his expectation

But well, I think I am the one who didn’t do his homework the most :v

That’s really strange you know

Maybe I just notice that I didn’t do my homework on his subject because I am aware of it

Maybe I didn’t do other subject’s homework more often, but because I didn’t really care… I didn’t even consider it

Yeah, that makes sense

But well… I hate to disappoint others

But I also have my limit, we have our limit

This is January, and my … generation (Is that a better translation for angkatan?) will be in so much pressure starting in March

Well, I already feel the pressure since last November… so yeah…

I hate my education system

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