Half way there

So currently I am under this project

The project is… part of my Social Media Effort

Basically it is just my new year resolution, 100 post to this blog and I already got 50 this morning

Actually I wanted to make this post as soon as I wake up… but looks like I forgot about it and just write another 2 post until I realized I overshoot by 2

52 post in 13 days… that’s average of 4 posts each day

Can I keep it up? Probably not

But I will reach 100 posts on this blog this year!

The main idea behind this particular project, this blog.harianugrah.com from this early January is…

So my junior can understand how I, as a senior struggle to find university… and the outcome of it

Also, the How To Bill Gates book, so people can read my autobiography as I live my life

So my point of view is not changed, in the future, I will unintentionally change my pasts

Probably because my brain is not that great remembering stuff and recalling it again, but also… human have tendency to change their past to fit their liking… including me of course

So idk… be inspired and get inspired guys

Also… I do need to take my time to rest

My English has been horrible lately… it was bad, but now it just getting worse

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