Google Local Guides 2018 insight

So, I think 2018 is my first year that I (kinda) active on Google Maps Local Guides things

And, every months they gave me some insight of what I do that month (Kinda privacy intriguing, but I don’t really mind), like time spent on transportation, places that I visited etc

Seems like they do that same things every year, I got this email this morning… and I thing I want to share this to you

What I, who are not going outside that often do this year… not entirely accurate of course

If you’re curious how I screenshot-ed this long scrolling email, you can check it at Trik Screenshot Scrolling di Google Chrome

And if you don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia (The language used in the email), then, you’re out of luck
I won’t translate it… it’s hard :v, Don’t feel like opening Photoshop, wanna use Gimp

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