Getting rid of my financial independence… wait what?!

TechLead, I expected to learn tech stuff there but instead, I learned about life there

I’m not really sure what I would define financial independence is. But according to TechLead, it is when you can live (My interpretation of his words)

Yeah just living, no lifestyle, no ambition, nothing to spend money on. Just living.

Also according to him in that vids, we all have financial independence when we were young, when we were a child to be exact

Why? Because our parent provide us with everything we need for living, food, water, shelter and some other basic stuff

Then, around the age of 18 (Like me), people want to get rid of that financial independence

Wait what?!

That’s my initial reaction until he explains what he means by that.

So at the age of 18, so the transition between being a teenager to an adult. People expect more, people want more things, people want to achieve something, people want to know what they can do on their own (And more)

Therefore they moved…

This hit me home, especially with that want more things and want to know what they can do part

I have a dream, I want to achieve it. I want financial freedom, not only financial independence. I want to buy that laptop that I so badly wanted!

Yeah, I want to buy something. But my family can not (Well they actually can) provide me everything that I want (And need)

Therefore I moved…

Or I wanted to at least, and by move, I don’t mean like literally moving place. More like, becoming more independent, making my own money and spending it on my own desired stuff

Without needing my parent’s permission, or money, or whatever

Well… I want to see what I can make of my life, and the first step to see what is it is… to step outside of my comfort zone, from my financial independence bubble

Then get on my own feet, receive my first salary, build my own company, get financial freedom and then go full circle again, and get back to…

My good old financial independence.

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