Gaining audience for my writing

Disconnect Nostalgia – Hari Anugrah

Oh may gosh

Starting from late October, and still not finished yet. Well the first draft have been finished Dec 22nd but well, idk

Initially I want it to be finished first, then publish it… but I just want to share it to the world, even though the world wouldn’t read it… huh

Well, earlier this evening, I publish my Disconnect Nostalgia to Wattpad with the intention of gaining audience, because that process would that really long time

My plan was, finish it, then publish it with mainstream publisher like Gramedia Pustaka Utama or something like that… but I really think my writing skill is not there yet

I was sweating in the publishing process because Idk if I will regret that

But well, I can unpublish it if I really regret it

I mean, the one that I publish is the draft 1, the draft 2 has been significantly improved

Just look how different my writing style beginning the novel, compare to the couple last chapters of the novel… I was growing, as a writer… even in this novel alone

Draft 2 and the next draft improved on the plot and writing style… so it would feel as different novel altogether, so maybe I can republish it again? perhaps…?

I really need to grow my audience, I have no audience… even this blog have no audience,,, huft

And also,

I made the cover myself, looks weird, I want to remake it in the future, maybe in draft 2 I will change it

And, Disconnect is a series, or more like Nostalgia is the series, while Disconnect more like an umbrella term to contain the novel with ‘the theme’ and characters of that

Nostalgia, planned to have 3 part, or 4 idk… not sure

Also, according to my research, writer is not paid well in Indonesia, I also found this article this morning (Yeah, I browsing and research a lot) Tere Liye Putuskan Kontrak, Ternyata Seperti Ini Perhitungan Gaji Penulis

Eaps, that

And also, Wattpad have this closed alpha program, called Wattpad Future Program look here. Hopefully I can get some revenue from it, I need money for college you know

And also, by publising it on Wattpad, I will not limited by contract but still the right for my creation… so, I can use my creation for other project as well, currently I am thinking about my Angan Sore YouTube channel which you can subs here

I want to make my own studio -,- … maybe something like Linus Media Group, a media company, but also a tech company


Sorry, kinda lost my mind for a bit there

Oh yeah, ads revenue, should be (according to my knowledge) forever… I mean, passive…

Passive revenue, is the money that I gain even without working, quote on quote

Book royalty is kinda passive income as well, but… once the publisher think the sales is bad, they will discontinue the book and stop that passive income… I mean I am not Andrea Hirata nor J.K. Rowling

But,,, ads revenue is not stable, as suggested by YouTube’s Adpocalypse, and, tying my source of income solely to the internet is not good as well… I mean, if there is something like sun flare that break the internet, how can I get my money

And how they (The ads company) will send me the money, they don’t even have the database anymore, everybody use high density storage now days, which is really vulnerable for something like sun flare… wait, not sun flare … solar flares, that’s it,, (No, I didn’t google it, :v )

And yeah, again

Wattpad give me a lot of flexibility, like editing the novel post publish, make my series easy to reach etc

Oh ya, how about I publish the translation myself :v double the revenue,,, 🙂

And yeah, again, again

I think too much, this project, think then write a blog post about it project is kinda hard

Keep it up, me! For google adsense in this blog… :v please, accept my request google, need Asus Vivobook S, or Macbook Pro, or whatever… I do need laptop

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  1. I feel so much better after writing it up

    Now 'I write' the up and down of publishing it on wattpad… seems the up is good enough

    Maybe 'talk to me' is really good, even in written media

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