Familiarity Inertia

Remember this picture from PDSS, getting additional responsibilities?

You that person on the left? That was me, you see that hair style? Yeah it sucks

But here I want to talk about something that I found interesting

I just give it a name familiarity inertia, when in actuality there must be a name for this phenomenon

It is quite similar to a syndrome that I call First Time Syndrome

Yeah I am bad at naming things, even more finding the official name for a particular phenomenon

The phenomenon is basically, people stuck to ‘current’

What do I mean by that?

So, for example, I am currently live in my house, I live here for like the last 18 years

But then, in 6 months or so I will have to move because of college stuff

At that day, and maybe some more days proceeding that day… I am almost 100% sure I will get home sick

PS. That’s an actual name btw, when you miss your home so bad…

But then again, when the ‘current’, the state of the art, the status quo changed. From ‘my home is my house’ to ‘my home is my share house’ the situation will be flipped

Maybe something like this, I will miss my new home when I come back to my home town

Okay, okay… I am not the best example for this

I don’t actually sleep outside my house that often, maybe a couple days at hotel or friend’s house… but that’s it

Galih would be a better example

He came from Kintamani to Bangli

We talked a bit, actually quite a lot about his experience, the first couple of weeks he stayed here

He said, he miss his home so bad the first couple of weeks, even to the point he would go back to his home every weekend

But then, these days… if not needed or necessary he wouldn’t come to his house

I would explain this situation, this familiarity inertia for cases basis

Let’s say, in Galih’s case…

I think the reason is quite clear, he just grew up… he got used to this new situation

And of course, he made new friends here…

Then his status quo, the new friends of his became current friends while the current friends became old friends

Of course there are more to it, but I think that would be hard to explain especially in text form

Okay, let’s get to the main reason I write about this

That new hairstyle I talked a bit above, I expected my friends to be out rage because of it, asking me a lot of questions, blablabla

But then, what happened is quite the antithesis

Not exactly the opposite, just quite

When I got this new hair style and went to my class, the first day they saw my new hair style… I felt the antithesis

PS. I just want to use that word, antithesis … sounds cool

My friends didn’t ask a lot of questions, not even ‘any’… yeah I observe they stare at my hair

But that’s not the reaction I would like to see, the things that I expected to see was… they ask a lot of questions

But then, maybe they just don’t want to be offensive, or rude… because I do weird stuff from time to time, you know? afraid to be normal

Then, the second day happened… I observed them, I think they already get used to this new hair style

So yeah, I tried to invalidate my own point, but failed… 😒

PS. I put that emot using the new Win+Period shortcut on Win 10… quite nice, need improvement

So, this phenomenon is still apply… kinda valid

In no way this is scientific, but …

I remember this quote

People just hate change

Which is kinda true tbh

Because, when I met other student that I don’t see often (Like my junior for example), they didn’t seems to bothered with my hair style

Maybe they just didn’t pay attention, or…

My new hair style is already the status quo because that’s the first time they saw me… maybe

Now my experiment already resulted in something, I want to change my hair style … but it would take some times

I will need to live with this weird hair style -,-

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