English ‘s and s’ and skills in general

Wew, that’s weird

When I wrote this post about Deltalife project, I have to write possession of a plural verb

Maybe around the Time? section (Not sure, I didn’t write it, I go around the problem and didn’t write it, I think)

When I wrote those, I confused

I just feel using the owner’s stuff form doesn’t really feels right

And yeah, I did really use feeling when writing in English

Then I remember sometimes on the internet I saw people write using owners’ stuff form

Then I tried to google

what ‘s and s’ mean

Which resulted in this thread on StackExchange

The weird things is…

It just feels weird, something so basic in English, the usage of ‘s and s’ is not in my skills

Something so basic that I should use in the past, I don’t know about them

I should encounter cases where I should use those word, maybe I did use that s’ form and forgot about it

But I think the more likely case is, I go around the problem (Like that Deltalife one) and change my sentence instead

So weird, I live 18 years and didn’t know such a basic stuff

Now I imagine, is there any skills that I think I master (Or know well) that I don’t know the basic?

Wooh, maybe a lot… especially in programming because I don’t learn to program formally,

I learned programming in autodidact way, maybe I skipped something

That’s weird

Maybe I don’t know some basic technique in walking? Or even drinking? eating? Omg, how about breathing?

I just realized I don’t know a lot about those basic skills… for example breathing

The most basic, if-you-don’t-know-you’re-not-a-life stuff like breathing… I don’t know the basic breathing skills under water! Like, when diving and stuff

Holy shit, that went deeper than I though it would be

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