Eagle fly so high that it only bumps to other eagle

Ok, I got a really cool quote

I often received a good quote from parents, unfortunately not my parent

Of course, I mean I only have one dad and one mother… but I can see and heard other’s parent advices

That is kinda beautiful isn’t it?

Like, there’s this public figure, Raditya Dika… Idk where, but he mention this quote by his father

It doesn’t matter what you major, but you have to be the best of it

I forgot the quote, but I somehow remember the intent… basically

It doesn’t matter what your job is, you just have to be the best at it… really cool quote

Also, I remember this one… this video, the same video I talked at this post

Look at your boss, see the good and bad of him because you will be him in five years

That’s good advice, I think I talked more about that quote in that post

But let’s get to this particular quote, that I heard from random vids from youtube

The first vids that get me here is last text from exes, then after some vids recommendation I got to this vids

At 3:24,

Eagle fly so high that it only bumps to other eagle

Something like that, that so cool

She explain about it, her perspective about this quote. The quote itself is not that great, but her interpretation is so good

Just watch it, I think

So I am inspired by people like Raditya Dika, Nadiem, William Tanuwijaya, Ahmad Zaky, Elon Musk, Jobs, Bill Gates etc… I want one day, to ‘bump’ into them,

That’s when I know, I am at the same level as they are

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