“Don’t Explain Yourself!”, ME!!!

Nice title huh, didn’t know I can make such a beautiful clickbait

No No No! Don’t leave yet, this is not a clickbait, well, idk what you are hoping to read here other than jumbled mesh anti gramar-phobic, tipoful, and unstructured structured sentences

Okay, now everyone leave, let’s continue with our business

So I have this bad behavior, I do weird thing, people often question me, usually about my sanity but most of the time they just don’t understand my geniusity

See how genius I am? I just formed a new word

So yeah, writing with grass, writing with dust, videoing almost everyday in my high school, doing a lot of thing but seemingly never succeeded at anything

Okay, let me change the wording. Know a wide range of thing but seemingly not excel at anything. Hm, that sounds better


So yeah,
I often explain my behavior, looks like because I do weird thing but mostly for attention seeking

Wait, did I just said something really heavy just like that? Hmm

So yeah, I should ban myself from using ‘so yeah’ again, dammit

In a small, I mean tiny YouTube channel called Charisma on Command, I received this advice,

Don’t explain yourself – Someone somewhere somewhen

Which I realized I am incredible guilty about,

Now I have this blog, I can pour attention seeking behavior here, with an added benefit of, my secret is safe

My $1 billion idea is hidden, because no one read this blog.

Oh yeah, (smart ass)
I already own this blog since, 2015, this particular blog
I own the domain since around 2015 as well
I start blogging since 2011
Take that! People that older than me but don’t know how to blog!

What the f did you say
– Person that olden than me but don’t know how to blog but know how to respond in a private ssl secured blog post

Originally written  010119

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