Don’t comment on others’ religion

Still in rush mode,

I think one of my teachers said this, I just note the sentences and forgot to write who’s the teacher that said it

Probably my Citizenship teacher, or Religion teacher perhaps…

His justification was, we don’t know their religion well to comment on it

Like, reviewing a new phone while knowing nothing about that new phone… see the problem?

The problem is, we focus on one religion. Therefore we’re biased toward our own religion, maybe we would have this thought of, my religion is the best

But no…

We can’t do that, especially for religion, more especially in Indonesia. People here are just so sensitive about this topic

I mean Ahok even got to jail because of it,

So yeah, commenting on religion is an X case. A special case, where you should try to avoid commenting on this topic, just try to avoid it…

No one will win in an argument about religion (Learned from English Debate)

Usually, I will let people say what they thought inside their mind freely (Free speech), I mean I am not a good chef, but that doesn’t mean I can’t say the food is bad or good… right?

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