Don’t change your life style

Again, youtube is a huge source of inspiration

Ridwan Remin, he is, well, I liked his stand up comedy… but up to this point, I don’t really inspired by him

But now, he talked more with Raditya Dika, I feel inspired but him

Basically, he got a lot of money from his job as a comedian, but he doesn’t change much, still (roughly) the same Remin as he was before famous

That’s inspiring, but later in the video, Remin said something that inspired me more

His struggle, because of Raditya Dika… not in the bad way

Basically, before meeting Dika, Remin his life, is ‘enough’… but after meeting Dika, he feel like, he is still far from the point

That inspired me a lot, I hope I can reach something like that, and hopefully by reading back this blog, I can keep my feet on the ground

I love Dika, now I love Remin

It becoming a pattern, someone that I watched the content they made, then they talk more (scriptless) and more intimate… I feel like I know more about them, and for some reason feel some connection to them…

Just like The Anime Man days ago…

But Hari, I know you will need to adapt, but don’t forget where you came from

Also, I already have this idea since couple weeks ago, the blog title is Do I want fame or something deep like that

In this vids, Dika talk about, his father’s advice… Dika, look at your boss’s current situation, do you want to become like him? Because in five years you will be him

At first I thought it would be, some kind of positive motivation, like… career path, if now I just an employee, in couple months I will become an employer, bosses…

But, nope

It’s interpreted as negative motivation by Dika, his boss struggle with credit (For car) and Dika don’t want to become like that, then he bailed out from his industry… and became big like now


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