Do I speak English fluently?

Original title should be Am I speak English fluently?

Then I realize… oh shit, I am definitely not fluent in English :v

No no… I am actually kinda fluent in English, let’s talk why

I watched that vid yesterday night and wrote that title as a draft, but because it was already late in the night, I decided to write it tomorrow (Which is today)

And now I realized I messed up the title, so… Am I fluent? I doubt myself :’)

Well… I definitely good at speaking English, but writing English? Probably just above average

My biggest problem is, of course, the grammar…?

Wait, actually no…

I think my biggest weakness is in sentence structure, yeah probably that’s it… so is my grammar good? No, to put simply, NO

How about my listening skill? Definitely good, or should I say great

I watch mostly English content on YouTube, and almost never with subtitle. So yeah, I already get used to listening to English speaker

Especially American accent, the British accent is good, and Australian is good as well… maybe

But listening for non-native English speakers are kinda different

For Indonesian that speak English as their second language, I probably can understand them well enough. I mean I have a similar accent to them.

But, for other than Indonesian. For example, Indian… I definitely have a hard time listening to them

I just don’t get used to their accent yet, well maybe Mehdi Sadaghdar is an exception to this

I can watch YouTube content nicely. For movies, that depend on the actors. More often than not I can understand them well, other time (Like Sherlock Holmes’s Benedict Cumberbatch) I just think they speaking nonsense :v

Speaking of accent…

You could say that I have “the internet accent”

Mostly because I learned English from the internet. Like reading programming documentation, or watching entertainment on YouTube.

Well… people said there’s no internet accent… which I kinda agreed with :v

I have a similar accent to American accent, but sometimes my Indonesian-English accent came up. Especially for weird words like… well, I forgot


About speaking…

I definitely good at it, well… at least I would love to think I am good at it

I have the courage to speak to foreigners, I can talk to them quite nicely

Ever since I speak to Fransico, I think I became confident with my English (That confidence definitely played a huge factor in developing my English skill)

In 11th-grade, In Mrs. Ira’s class. I always speak the loudest and the most, especially because I have a friend to talk with in English (Galih)

Mrs. Ira is my English teacher in 11th-grade btw. He gave us (My class) chance to talk freely in English a lot of times

And usually, people would be interested in my dialog with Galih. First, because I and he speak English quite nicely, but mostly because we did it in comedic passion

As far as today, there’s only one person that I can’t talk with. I think I talk about it in the past, but I can’t find the post where I talked about it

Basically, when I made this ig post

I found a couple, a man and a woman, they both came from Germany and do speak English

But when I talk to him in English, he just doesn’t understand me. But when I talk to her, she did understand me

That’s really weird you know… he does speak English, but he just doesn’t understand me

Well, I definitely talked about it before… after I watched this vids about Asymmetric Intelligibility… maybe someone will find it…. (The bad side of writing a lot to this blog is, I can’t refer to another post easily)

PS. Grammarly suggest me using another instead of other there… and now I understand where the word another came from

Well… to put simply… I can speak English well


Well, my writing skills definitely have a long way to go. Especially with my sentence structure as I said before

Also I still need to improve my vocabulary (Writing this blog helped me a lot in this), I used Google Translate to find words that I didn’t know in English (I don’t translate sentence or paragraph, or even text… just word)

My grammar still needs improvement … but that’s it

Thinking in English

The vids mention about it. When you speak English fluently, you think in English. You don’t have to think it in your lingua franca and translate it to English. You just think it in English in the first place

That’s definitely me, lately at least

When I did My first English debate, I realized it is easier to think in English, but hard to read in English

So I just write my note in Bahasa, read it during my debate, and think about the point that I wanted to make in English, then speak about it out loud using English… not efficient? Well, reading Bahasa is just easier for me

In my first debate practice, I wrote my note in English… I struggled to understand my own writing, that’s why I stutter a lot back then. I guess writing my thought in English is… WASN’T that great for fast thinking

Idk how to describe it…

Like for today, when I write these post… I don’t think about it in Bahasa per sentence then translate it to English. I just think in English and write it as I think about it.

Hard to explain right? I mean, what’s even our thought’s language?

So to put it simply… I do speak English fluently… with a lot of error of course. But I speak quite nicely nonetheless

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