Do I really need friend… now?

Short answer, yes!

But, the long answer is a bit more complicated

Generally speaking, I do need friends, especially now, when my friends is (hopefully) real friends (Speaking about Nadiem’s statement, ‘real friend before success’)

But, because I started getting insane, I think there’s this one small special case where friend is a barrier for me, hence the title, ‘now’

Friend is good and all, but they also limit me

For example, right now, I want to go to a university, let’s say ITS (Surabaya) or ITB (Bandung), but there is this small thing that force me to rethink that again and again

If I go to those universitites, outside of Bali (Or Denpasar especially), I would lose most form of connection to my friends, my old friends

That’s… scarier to think about than to live in, actually

That happened to me before, thinking this stuff makes me, kinda hard to move on with my life

When the transition year, from elementary school to junior high, I only have 3 of my elementary friends in my new school, and that’s in different classes… I am alone in my class, no friend (Initially of course)

Thinking not having friends, scared the hell out of me, in my latest couple months of my elementary school (Just like now), I was gloomy

I want to go Esaba (Best junior high, at the time), but most of my friends wanted to go to Semiba (Default destination of my elementary alumnus)

Only 3 of my classmate, excluding me, are eligible to go to Esaba… (Omg, my memories is bad, Was it Pasek, Gede and Mona?! yeah probably, but not sure, somehow my memory suck at this kind of job)

But, even in the first day of my junior high (Pre MPLS, I just went there to… I guess check the announcement), I already made friends, Ode

Yeah, Not me, nor Ode started the conversation, it was her older sister, but I still made friends…

That’s… good memory for me, now, helped me a lot young me!

Let’s get back to the topic

Do I need friends now? Not sure

Currently I consider Galih as my best friend, but when I need him (Like right now), he is not here

Yeah, I understand his circumstances (Don’t blame him), of course he want to be with his family, especially because his current situation, but I kinda need someone to talk with

Well, you’re one, one of reasons I made this project, not (only) the internet, but also me, the older me to be specific

Idk, there is this meme I see recently on the youtube
Nope, can’t find it, it sounds something like this

when everyone goes left i go right

 Then the punchline was, ‘that’s left you dumbass’ or something like that. A road that branch into two, everybody else goes right, and there’s this one person that go to the left

When a supposedly funny meme, have a deep meaning huh

The thing that I wanted to talk about is, even if I ignore my friends now, and go to ITB or ITS, I still can make friends there (I hope)

So, should I… abandon (For lack of better word) my current friends? Of course no!

Do I have right answer where should I headed next?

Well, ideally I would answer, just go to ITB or ITS… but, I lost

I really wonder, how would you (Older me, perhaps in college right now) respond to this blog post

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