Did ads just showed up there?!

When I open my blog to write this post, I noticed something weird about my blog

There’s some adspot! Yesterday I didn’t see that… omg! maybe my adsense approved!!!!

Then, I disable my adblock (Which I have no idea why I enabled it on my own site), but, no… no ads showed up

Maybe because I haven’t set any ads yet?! I open adsense web, and no.. my blog is still under review :’)

So I still wondering, why those adspot showed up today, but not yesterday? Idk,

Oh yeah, regarding that adblock, I think I should disabled it by default,

And when I found annoying site showing annoying ads, then I opt in to enable adblock

That way, internet would still be free… currently I depend on website reminding me to disable adblock, which of course not a lot of website have this feature…

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