Deltalife Project, my learning project

I already thought about this for a few days. This project that I initially want to call Learn Project but that doesn’t sound cool, so let’s use one name from my ‘list of possible company name’, Deltalife

But first, I will introduce you to the problem I face. This feels like a proposal, I liked it

I have a problem, well of course

I am bad at studying… I mean who doesn’t?

I am good at studying actually, but I don’t have motivation for it. My teacher doesn’t introduce me to problems that I can solve using this new chapter

Heck, I don’t know will I ever be using 70% of things that I learned from school, especially senior high school ones

Senior high school materials are already too specific to be called elementary, people don’t use this knowledge often

People can live a normal life even without knowing any stuff that senior high teaches us

People can live a normal life even without knowing 50% stuff that junior high teaches us

People can’t live a normal life without knowing stuff that elementary school teaches us

Well, arbitrary numbers of course…but the idea is, the higher our education level is, the harder it is to use it in everyday life

I told my 11th-grade physics teacher about it, tell us what those equation or concept usage in our everyday life, maybe we will put more attention learning about it

But well, of course, I wouldn’t write these article if THEY do it. I don’t think the govs put the word usage in the curriculum, huft

I know they’re useful, I often use math concept that I supposedly learn in university when I programming in junior high

But for senior high stuff, that we’re “forced” to learn, it would be hard to learn it without knowing its function

I have a tendency to work harder when things are in my project

I can spend hours, days, sometimes without even sleeping to finish that small part from my project. But I can’t put my mind into studying school stuff, not even one hour, heck… not even 10 minutes tbh

So I got this idea a couple days ago…

How about… I “upgrade” studying as my main project?

When I thought of it, my mind suddenly was like… “That’s a hell of a smart idea!!!”

Basically, I want to “trick” my mind into studying school stuff, and when my mind complain I can just say

Well, I am not studying. I just working with my Deltalife project

Imagine my mind would answer, “oh, go on” that would be funn.. nope, that would be terrifying

PS. I just realized I already started studying, specifically English, the grammar using Grammarly since my last post… and vocabulary, writing using this blog since Jan 1st and listening using YouTube since… forever

Now, you got the problem, my proposed solution… let’s talk about technical stuff


I already got working in my evening-midnight schedule

I already got jogging/running in my 5AM in my morning schedule’s slot

I already got school in my morning-afternoon schedule

I already got friends stuff in my afternoon-evening schedule’s slot

Okay… ain’t got time for this, let’s abort mission!!


I will move my jogging/running schedule together with my friends stuff, with a bonus I have company while working out

Now that I have an empty slot in my morning schedule, let’s put, for starter 1 hour of studying there


Well, if I want to read books (Which I think I will never do), I think I would need to be at home

But since I learn mostly from the Internet, I think I have more flexibility here, I can learn anywhere as long as I have my phone and internet connection

Also, I think I would need more than just articles on the internet to learn

Well, I have a useless Quipper, but I don’t think it would be enough

I will be honest, Quipper more often than not, doesn’t have what I want to learn, not even the things that I have in my books. DISAPPOINTING.

Considering my friends’ opinion and Vincent Ricardo‘s latest video that I just watched… I think I would have to consider Zenius and Ruang Guru

PS. I really wanted to put Letisha project alongside Zenius and Ruangguru, but I can’t :’)

Potential Problem?

Lazyness… of course, it’s hard to get me started studying… I think I would need a friend to remind me to study… or maybe study together? Okay, put that on the possibilities list

Conventional … tutoring? That’s doesn’t sounds right Google Translate!

But I want to get to GO, Ganesha Operation, a conventional tutoring… the thing is, our schedule might interfere each other

PS. I just realized my English is getting better, I found the word interfere even though I rarely used it… sleeping DO really helped me

PS Again. I just realized my studying is not in the evening, but my jogging… well, I can just jogging 4 days in a weeks

Other responsibilities, like social stuff, STT stuff…

Hmm. Morning! Me! Concentrate!!

Okay, the problem for morning studying…

Waking up, of course, that’s hard… I mean this is 11:38 PM already… and I still just writing post for my blog instead of sleeping


Idk, I can make it as cheap as I wanted to, or as expensive as I can… my parent pay
Let’s talk about the name for a bit, Deltalife
The name come from a previous project/company name of mine
Also inspired by a video game, Detroit Becomes Human‘s Cyberlife fictional company
The word Delta mean changes. And life, mean… well life
Deltalife, in this project mean… the changes of stage that I am going to set as ‘currently’ of my life
From senior high student to college student
Hence, Deltalife…. changes of life stage
Should I put this project as my main project? Maybe my side project? Or my impaulsive project?
Main project is, well my third level, highest priority project
Side project is my second level, a low priority project
Impaulsive, well, derived from Logal Paul’s and the word impulsive… mean, a one-off project
Probably a side project for now, then I upgrade it to main project next month maybe…
My current main project, Hari Anugrah’s Social Media Effort
And my current side project, [Put Some Programming Project]
Impaulsive project usually is youtube video stuff
Well, that’s it… my proposal
Maybe I will start from tomorrow… MAYBE!

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