Dead Man Switch

I love technology connection’s video… that simplify it

There is this time, I wanted to sleep at school, I open YouTube, play one of his video, and sleep

That doesn’t sounds right, what I mean is not that his video is so boring that I fell asleep

Quite the opposite actually, his video is so interesting that I want to watch his vids even I am asleep


You should watch his video, especially that one about traffic light, so fascinating

This one video, I already watch it before, obviously

The video talk about dead man switch, some kind of safety precaution… especially for hazardous tools

Something like, saw, or in that vids is … what was it, lawn cutter or whatever it’s called

The basic principle is: Operator alive>Tool active, Operator died>Tool disabled automatically

I got a lot of tools in my house (My grandpa own them, he worked as,… craftman or wat)

So there is this drill, you need to push two button for it to work, that’s strange I thought when I was young

I found the function on my own, with own thought, smart young me!

So, for example… (Hopefully never happen) when I use the drill, for some reason I got blacked out,

This dead man switch will keep my hand safe, because when I’m not conscious, at least one of the button wouldn’t be pressed (My hand would loosen because, I… blacked out)

That would helped me, and a lot of tool user… especially power tool, tools that use electricity

I also remember this old vids, a lot of left handed people got injured because using tools designed for right-handed person

That’s worrying, because I know the percentage of people that is left-handed is tiny, so company wouldn’t bother designing tool just for them

I know, because I probably won’t


This, make me thought of my car, my father’s car, Avanza

He is out while I started writing this post (He’s home now), I think about, does my car have that much level of safety?

I mean avanza is, not that cheap, but not the most expensive car as well, of course Toyota need to cut corner somewhere

It’s hard to talk about this kind of thing… for the same reason I wouldn’t use name of someone that I know as character in my novel, because, even with just name, it hurt me to think that I would make conflict for them

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