Damn man, 2018 was rough

And again, of course

Gigguk publish a really heart touching video essay, or video in general

The video is about anime, simple, but Idk. I always feels like something moving

2018 was a rough year, tear, broken dream, happiness, sadness, and a lot more. And while those are happening, I also put some time aside to watch anime. So therefor, I feel emotionally connected with the anime that I watch

The anime that I watch while crying over my failed plan, Violet

The anime that I watch while struggling toward my college year, Seishun Buta, Sao

The anime that I watch while staying late in the night, a lot

The anime that I watch way too early in the morning,

And a lot more


I want to re-live those emotion that I feel in past year, using the anime that I watch at that year…

You might know I have bad memory, as my recall power is bad… well, I also have bad memory as, the f… crying? f my English is broken again… lemme fix it for a second


Sorry, who cares, broken English mean broken, English. that’s it… you know what, I am lazy, that’s it

Reliving memory using anime, huh… that’s a really nice way of saying it

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