Carbs powered vehicle

So this is already on my note for a couple of days

Basically, I watch a random vid on youtube, then I saw this data. Carbs have an energy density of 4000 cal/grams

And I was like… blown away

PS. I just check that data, not really accurate, but good enough

I immediately thought of Tesla, you know, that vehicle-tech company I look up to

I am not really sure will this idea even make sense in theory, which is probably not. But I will just write it here, just to clean up my note

Oh, it feels so satisfying to cross an item from a ToDo lists

Even without doing research and only using my own knowledge. I already saw a lot of problem with this idea

But one big problem is, efficiency

As far as I know, it is rare to see energy source that converts more than 50% of its potential energy into useful energy. Heck, an Internal Combustion Engine’s efficiency sits usually below 40%

And what do you think about carbs base energy source

One thing is for sure, carbs is a really good source of energy for a biological entity. Like us, human.

I learn about how our cells convert its chemical energy into heat and kinetic energy and blablabla in school. It was simply complex.

Now how would I make an engine out of it


Patents pending, but the basic idea is simple! Why I only think about it just now?!

But us! Human! We can be the engine!!!! MIND = BLOWN!!!

I don’t really want to shout this idea out loud, somebody might steal it

But just like a couple days ago, I will share this idea, exclusively for you

Just walk your vehicle! Or better use a bicycle!

Yeah, this idea turned out to be so stupid. I liked it.

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