Black Hole illustration as an company logo

Let’s make this blog more structured… I made a new category, Aidya

I will add older post to this category as well later that fits the category desc

But what is aidya?

Well, actually I want to use the word Idea, but that’s boring… I want to add something punchy and personal there

Idea Arc? Nope, this is not a story, but an article…

Hmmm… then I remember this company name idea I have in junior high, Aidya

My line’s ids is still have this aidya word as a suffix (I hope I can change it)

Aidya is just that… like how I change whatever to waver, who cares to wuker (This one is Arya’s) etc… Aidya is just another way to say idea :v

But well, the domain is already taken, so I don’t use that name as my company name, anymore, (Currently I use hariangr, or anugrah or whatever)… yeah, I love making company name (I will talk about it in the future), elips, aidya, code, anugraha… etc

So yeah, aidya sounds more personal to me, so let’s use that

So I got notif (Notif squad!) from Veritasium about that vids, I watched it then thought to myself

That representation of black hole, looks cool

I thought of that in this exact scene (Not exact frame :v)

What do you think? Isn’t it looks cool?

Wait, oh shit… maybe there is already a company that use that logo… damn

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