Bed Time Story (Angan Sore)

Let’s talk about one of my old idea, Angan Sore

First, the name. Angan can be translated to Dream or Daydream while Sore translated to Evening. So Angan Sore can be interpreted as the dream in evening

Why evening? Well, actually I want to use night, or maybe dawn, or afternoon. But I can’t find a good word other than Sore

Other candidates that I consider a lot is Senja (Dawn), but Senja contain the letter J that have a tail, that curvy thing on the bottom of the letter J doesn’t look like a good match, so I just use the word Sore

I didn’t name it myself, I asked for Avione’s (My senior high’s class) opinion. While they’re not being helpful (I mean what was I hoping anyway), I still need to credit them

And btw with the word Sore. I often took a nap in the evening, so not really bad

The idea came around the month of November when I finished my first draft of my first outline of Disconnect Nostalgia.

I went to Galih’s kost and there I showed off my outline, but he didn’t like reading, but I want to show it off. So I just read it for him

Then, after finishing it. He said it was good

The thing is, I wasn’t sure, is it good because the story is good, or because I read the story for him?

That’s when I got this idea, how about I make a YouTube channel where I read my own story with illustration on it.

Then a couple of months passed, I got busy with To College Arc. A couple weeks ago, I found a good tagline for Angan Sore, a bed time story

Why that?

Because I learned from Let’s player like PewDiePie… I know I like watching people playing horror games ever since I was like 8 years old or something (2007 or 2008)

My brother played Resident Evil 4, while I watched him playing it… it was fun

Then came the wave of Let’s player to YouTube

Maybe it is the same with my idea, I can popularize this format, and maybe become the PewDiePie of storytelling?

My idea to put illustration is too hard, so I came up with a solution… a podcast like format (Inspired by Ryan Higa’s podcast and Eno Bening)

That podcast like format, I would call it Pitch… basically I just read the outline and talk a lot while reading it

I explain the lore, why the outline say this, why there is this in the outline

Basically like, I read the outline to my friends, and that friends ask a lot of questions while I reading it, and I answer them

It won’t be a real podcast, however, maybe just the recording of my voice with Angan Sore’s logo

That’s it for now, college and exam really took my time from doing this…

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