Aphantasia, I heard about this before and when YouTube recommended this vid to me, my curiosity just peaked

Aphantasia, well looking at its components. Came from the word ‘A’ and the word ‘Phantasia’… so it will mean not something something

Then, phantasia, it strangely reminded me to the word fantasy

After doing a bit of googling I found out aphantasia mean something roughly like… is the suggested name for a condition where one does not possess a functioning mind’s eye and cannot voluntarily visualize imagery

Yeah… I just copy paste it from Wiki… :v

Well, during the test in the video… I would rate myself as 7, but after some thinking, I rated myself a 4

Why I lower my rating? Idk, I just feel like… my mental eyes are not that great

I can see stuff using my imagination, but it’s not really clear… I think I would say something like a hologram

I can see it, but can’t distinguish its details too well

To be honest, I would say I am an imaginative guy… a really imaginative guy

During my spare time, when I am bored… I would imagine something visually, usually involve some kind of story

The stories are often… I save someone from some kind of terrorist in front of a lot of people (Like friends) then got praised for it… You know hero save a girl story…

I just love that kind of fantasy. Usually, I imagine something like this during the flag ceremony.

I also imagine what would happen to me when I success, or got some kind of recognition (Like appearing on tv) then cry because of my hard work… Especially during me time

Now I heard a story of someone that can’t imagine stuff like can’t see using their mental eyes… that’s really weird like I feel pity for her.

She can’t explore the unlimited world of her mind…

I feel so blessed that I can explore the world, with my imaginary HUD display

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This is a really weird phenomenon…

I wasn’t aware of it, I wasn’t thinking that much of my mental eyes. But now I realized some people just don’t have it…. I think I wouldn’t take it for granted anymore

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