Another Ways

Okay, I am down again

Holy shit, it’s hard being a 12th grader… rising hope then it fall, then it rise again, then fall again

This morning, I woke up early (For weekend, 8 is early :v) even though yesterday I was awake until 3 AM

After I woke up, as usual I open up my phone and I saw my class’s wa group talked about ITS

And I got an invitation link there for this ITS group, which of course I joined immediately

I got one problem, there are tons of people that need info about joining ITS from all over Indonesia. The problem is, WhatsApp have maximum participant number of around 300

And there are thousands of student that want to join to ITS, we need a Telegram group!!!

Hmm… I also have a confession, there is this one talk show that held by ITS this morning… I want to go there

The problem is, I didn’t feel well, mostly because of my lack of sleep… of course I can forced my way there

But I figured, Bangli to Denpasar using motorcycle with brain that is barely functional is… dangerous

So I decided not to go there, I don’t want to get involved in some kind of accident

Other than that, there are also problem with ticket, time (6:30 in the morning), the event was held at SMANSA, which is really far


This morning I tried to think of another way to join ITS, a way for me to forced my way to get there

My English sucks, my brain… keep it up just a bit longer

I remember last year, I got this big plan to get to ITB, which of course… failed miserably

I want to reuse some part of that plan again to get myself to university, not necessarily ITB… well, in this case it is ITS

But of course, this is just me trying to get myself comfortable with my current situation

This is not necessarily good ways to get me there

I will talk about my plan in later post, but to put simply…

The plan involved abusing ITS’s PKM system, creating some kind of creation, and of course creating my own company

Why I feel like my English just degraded, I can’t find the right word, not even the Bahasa one…

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