An app to compare camera quality (For MKBHD)

When I watch this vid… holy shit, a month ago?

I was inspired to make this project, a simple app yet I don’t think anybody has done it before

Currently, people usually use DXOMark as a benchmark for how good a smartphone camera is…

But that is inherently not a good way to do it… a camera smartphone, of course, can be judged objectively

But our perceptions of it, human perceptions of camera result… cannot… at least with that methodology

MKBHD, he tried to take that human perception into account by doing a blind camera test.

The result is surprising, not only for me but also for him

There he realized the flaw of his methodology, he uses Twitter and other third-party services to do the survey

But, a service like Twitter will try to compress the picture, so the survey result is flawed

Well, not really actually… it is still a good result… But I don’t think the methodology that he used is the perfect methodology for this use


I want to make an app, or maybe a website where people can compare two pictures taken from two different smartphone and vote on the best one, according to them at least

Then I can calculate the relative value of each survey and determined the smartphone rank based on it

Basically I want to use the Would You Rather game like algorithm to rank smartphone camera using the power of the crowd

Of course there’s still problem, like as good as the picture is… it is just limited by the screen the user viewed it on

The solution is, nothing… because the two pictures would be shown on the same screen

What the pictures should look like? Probably a standardized scene, a standardized solution, maybe in a lab or something

Where would I found the crowd to do the survey? Well, I am considering asking for help from Sobat HP (Phone reviewer in Indonesia), but well… I am afraid to do it

There is more… but I don’t want to talk about it all here

So bye

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