Afraid to be normal

Earlier this evening I talked about, being normal, and why I different

This morning, there’s this one mahasiswa (College student) from UGM, he talked about a lot of things. But he talked something interesting about his friend

Yeah, I took a picture, outside, without permission?… is it the right person? idk… I have bad memories, I late to take picture. I might be mistaken the UGM guy, and Telkom University, or maybe even ITS?! nah, probably I am right, they are from UGM… I quite remember their almamater color

One of his friend, is weird. When the others do normal everyday student stuff, this one guy love to go to forest

He also mention this guy, quote something like this, If there are 5 person, 4 of them do the same thing while this one person do weird stuff, which one would you choose

That hit me home, why? Because that guy have quite similar perspective like mine

It’s similar but probably not the same, I mean being different is the point here

If you guys know me in real life, you will know that I am, ‘weird’, don’t quote me on that

My friends look into me and laughing my name when this senior talk about that weird guy

The thing is, I am proud of it, in some way, it mean I am successful

Here, I am a normal everyday student, except the fact that I tried so hard to be different

I am just a normal student, but already started programming since 5th grade

I am a normal programmer, but I also write blog

I am a normal blogger, but I also make youtube video

I am a normal youtuber, but I also make novel

See? It wouldn’t be unordinary if they stand on their own, but I am the combination of them, I am weird

I am proud of it, but that’s because weird is just synonym for unique

That’s one reason, why I am afraid to enroll in computer science class. I tried so hard to be different, none of my current friend, have any kind of competition against me

That’s good because I am unique, that’s bad because it’s hard to make friend, I think I overuse this phrase the last six months, but…

I am a jack of all trade, master of (currently) nothing

If, I enroll in computer science class, one of my most unique skill among my friend, programming, would be ‘normal’

I am afraid of that, if I am just an ordinary people, why can’t anybody replace me?

And that, bring me to this… I just finished watching Date A Live S2 Episode 1

I don’t care to spoil it. But, one of the character, is replaced by an imposter, and the main character have to spot who is the imposter

 See what’s my point?

Somehow it align really nicely, I started writing this early this evening, then I watched an anime that give me a good argument about it… blablabla

So yeah, I am afraid to be normal
I, intentionally act weirdly, just to be different
Who knows, maybe I am the imposter
But being different gave me reason to be here
Therefor I am afraid to be normal

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