Ada Wong x Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil 4 is my first entry into the RE Universe… well, not really me per se. I watched my brother play it when I was like… 2nd grader in elementary school or something crazy like that

RE4, I still personally never play it, but this game is THE CLASSIC for me. I wasn’t experienced enough back then to understand about games lore and stuff, but well… now I am, kinda

My first time seeing Ada Wong is in RE4, in that garden scene. My initial impression must have been something along the line of holy shit, she is a badass

Nah, not really

I was confused, as a child that ‘played’ the fourth installment of a long running franchise without knowing the previous games should.

You see what I did there? A really long complicated complex weird sentences

But recently I was really into RE2, not playing it (No money) just watching some vids on the internet. But because of this remake, I started to grasp this Ada Wong character

Especially because of this vid, btw SPOILER ALERT

I just watch that vid, and surprisingly. Well, my initial impression is, she is hot af. Then she is so badass. Then, after watching that vid, she is so humane

She did manipulate Leon, especially with that kiss scene. But for some reason, I can relate to her. I do manipulate people sometimes, well actually often, to reach my goal. Not in a bad way of course. At least I hope I didn’t do any harm.

Ada Wong is so humane. I can’t believe I said something like this to a character, of a video game, that made by a Japanese company. No offense.

But, IT IS really hard to write believable humane character. Speaking of experience

That last scene though. The comment said there’s another scene left, but that falling scene. I wanted to say it hit me, but I know she will survive, she is present in RE4 after all


There’s a chance those Ada are different people… If Ada is some kind of mass-produced military personnel, shit. Maybe Ada in RE2 and RE4 are different?!

Well, game development improve a lot this decade. That opens up a lot more ways to tell stories in video game, really excited for RE4 Remake

And maybe a DLC for RE2, about how Ada survive that fall

Back to topic

Now I watch it, I know now about Ada and Leon’s relationship pre RE4’s garden scene. How Leon react there make sense now.

… They are so cute, I want to ship them together… :v

Ada is still surrounded in mystery for me, well… everyone actually. I don’t think Capcom already write everything about Ada, so some of the layers of the mystery came from her incomplete character. But, that’s kinda the beauty of her.

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