A shorter writing format

A couple of weeks ago when I was doing some research on how good/bad is college friends. You know, I’ve been having a hard time separating¬†myself from my senior high school’s friends recently

I stumbled upon this thread on Kaskus, Afraid college friends not as fun

One thing that I noticed reading that thread is… well, it is kinda hard to read it

The font is small, the spacing is bad, the formatting is bad, the paragraph is just too long, and not to the point. IMO

Those descriptions, while not match exactly with my post format, is kinda worrisome for me. I don’t really read my blog, so I don’t really know

PS. I don’t really read my blog at this time of age, I use this blog for the future. But, well I do need to read my own blog sometimes

The font in this blog is not bad, the formatting… is kinda good (IMO) but there’s room for improvement. My paragraphs also aren’t long but!

My post format isn’t really to the point, it usually follows this structure:

Where I got the inspiration to write the post from
How I got the inspiration
Talked about some related experience
Talk about the topic, finally
Moral or something that I found interesting/helpful or the conclusion

See… even this post isn’t to the point

That’s kinda worrying for me… I don’t want people (Especially someone with a short attention span like me) to miss the goods of my post just because I can’t format my post

Therefore, I will try to make a shorter, Facebook’s status like format. And of course, I will try to talk the main point first… if I can… which I probably can’t

Also, I am in a rush…

One of my 2019 resolution is to write 100 article in my personal blog, the resolution should have time limit of one year

But as of now, excluding this post, I already have 93 articles published here

So I figured, I will push myself to instead of 100 articles per year, I will do 100 articles per month

I don’t think the quality will suffer, I mean the quality of my posts is already bad as of now… worsening it a bit won’t hurt right?

Nah, I already use a shorter format in some of my posts, so idk…

And yeah… I tried to cheat, not cheat per se… more like going around the obstacle

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