A scientific way to do mind control (Kinda)

I just watched that vids this evening… and my first impression reading the title was… what?!

Then I watched it till the end. He made a good PR stunt, by using subscribe to PewDiePie lore he might get some new audience


This thing inspired me to write a story, maybe for Divinity series. About a power, a mind control power. Maybe I will name it something like telemind or telecontrol or telemotor or waver

The idea is quite simple, a character (Let’s say Melin) can control other character’s body part without their consent

PS. I got the name Melin from Melinda Gates, how? Ask my subconsciousness

Maybe using touch or some kind of electronic devices.

The victim know about it, they are still conscious. But their body just move on their own, they can resist, but it took a lot of energy. Once they’re exhausted, they’re easily controlled

Maybe the victim would do something really bad to their loved one, and because they’re aware of it, they will suffer because of the guilt

PS. Inspired by a vids that I watched a couple of days ago, Jill that controlled by Wesker should aware of what she did, therefore she should really feel guilty because of it

Melin, maybe a good character that turned into bad (Inspired by Shield Hero ep 4)… or all around bad antagonist


Yeah, just a note to my self


I want to build that sensor, I want to see the impulses that my brain makes for each of my movements!

I want electrodes! I want data! I want visualization!

I just curious… but I have neither the knowledge nor the money

Our brain is simply amazing


I learned that our neuron can be 1 meter long! Holy shit… I was assuming our neuron is just like an ordinary cell, a lot of small cells that act together… but no! A neuron cell is a small yet long cell

That’s why it is really hard to heal a neuron cell…

I guess I need not assume things easily… just ask it in Biology class maybe… instead of filling the gaps myself which have the probability to be wrong higher

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