A good bye creation

Something inspired me writing this, but I forgot what it is

I need to write as I think of it, so I don’t forget it. But today I just don’t feel like it, not only today actually. It’s been like this since… 20th of January?! damn

So I had this idea before, probably years ago and something that I watched this morning reminded me of this idea

The idea was simple, a creation that would be published if I am not active for a certain amount of time. Presumably a blog post and a youtube video saying my secrets if I am not actively online for 30 days

PS. Okay, I recall the inspiration was some kind of music

Really simple… But of course, I didn’t proceed with this idea. I mean I probably had this idea before I even 17 years old! I don’t want to have thought that I would die anytime soon obviously

My dream is just too big to be poof gone like that

Okay I remember the source of inspiration. A screenshot sent by my friend at Avione WA Group. A song title’s poster that is misleading

A song titled RIP by Bondan Prakoso. The poster made it looks like Bondan, well RIP (Rest in Peace), but RIP there actually stands for Rhyme In Peace

I got sidetracked again

The mechanism of this idea, well… quite annoying

So I would write a post and upload a vid and use the schedule feature to set a 30 days time limit. Then everyday I would add 1 more days to that schedule

If, I… hopefully not anytime soon. Died. No one will update the schedule, and eventually the 30 days times limit will run out. And, my message, my dying message would be delivered

But then again… I’m not doing it

I have a plan, I have a dream, I have ambition for the next 10 years, I mean I got a plan to do at the age of 40 (Retiring, inspired by Raditya Dika)

So, thinking about dying, doesn’t matter who is it. Is it me or anyone else, still make me depressed. Just thinking about it already made me depressed, now what would I feel if I anticipated dying?!

Glad for my relatively healthiness and stuff… really.

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