A girlfriend that is just like me

I watched Raditya Dika’s video collab with Risa Saraswati, then YouTube autoplay recommend me this vids

Malam Minggu Miko, a web series made by Dika. I think I already watch most of it, and definitely this one, like in Junior high, 2014 maybe?.

But today, maybe because I got older. I realize one simple yet really deep concept Dika put in this episode

The premise for this episode is simple. A group meets another group whose members are similar.

The thought came at one exact moment when the two maids (One of them is a male, so… household helpers?) talk to each other. At the exact moment, they talked about their bad sides (Which are similar)

There, Anca and Anci talked a bit about their bad sides. And realized, they don’t want to date themselves

Not like that! I mean, in a sense that they don’t want to date with someone who has that bad trades of them


This reminded me of this one quote, by someone from somewhere

Be the best version of youself

Kinda cool tbh

Now I have this experience of writing novel, seeing through other’s lenses. I can make an assumption how others think/feel about me

Well, you probably don’t need that kind of experience to see yourself in the mirror

But, I feel like, don’t wanna date myself

Because. I hate myself. Sometimes.

Then again, I am aware people do like me. Some of them obviously don’t. So… then what?

I mean again… if I date someone who is similar to me. That basically means we are a perfect match to each other… right?

In my mind… No

In my opinion, a partner supposes to be that, a partner. Two individuals who excel in their own respective stuff, but have flaws. That’s where the other come to play, to fill those flaws. To truly make perfect.

Kinda romantic right.

It reminded me of Linus Sebastian and Yvonne. They talked about it a bit in a live stream

Linus is bad (Or not interested?) in accounting stuff, and Yvonne is good at it. They fill each other.

So yeah, I want a girl who can be the missing piece of me. And I want to be the missing piece of her. Then we can solve this puzzle together.

A girl, who is good at Balinese stuff, diligent, good at cooking and socializing… idk…

PS. That puzzle analogy reminded me of something. A puzzle that I make a couple days ago, that basically explains this whole post, in just a single drawing

That is scary, is it some kind of Cryptomnesia? holy shit… that is scary…

And holy shit again, I have already talked about it a long time ago. Original Idea from other’s idea phenomenon

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