A face recognition app

Did I just wrote about writing idea but not finishing it?

Huh did I? Yeah I did

But who cares, I will keep writing my idea down :v

When I was 10th-grade, there is this thing that used facial recognition as absent (Checking if anyone didn’t go to school)

Lemme find it…

When I got to 11th-grade, because my school doesn’t have enough money to keep it going, I got an idea to make one of my own

I think I created a native android app, then using Microsoft Azure Face API I tried to make facial recognition app (Which I failed, because I didn’t know how to marked the face. Didn’t know how to do image processing)

Then just now, I still watching that vids (Above) and inspired to fix one of my biggest weakness using another silly solution (Yeah silly, unpractical to say the least)

So I have this weakness, I really, like… really bad at remembering names

For example, right today, I was having a bad time trying to recall who’s Niang Par… (Rest in peace)

So the idea is, I would make a database of person that I knew then label it using their name.

I have thousands of photo in my Google Photos and Facebook. I think those would be a good data source

Then using my newly (not really) mastered Flutter skills and some image processing experience, and path point vector stuff (Like in p5.js, flutter skia engine) I will make an app that will name people

Just like in Yandere Sim…

Wait, is it … some kind of precursor to, nationwide, government controlled… nah… Indonesia is not China… right…?

So the app idea… is, stupid :v

Unpractical… just imagine, someone points their camera to your face just to know your name… instead of asking to you (Which would be awkward btw)

This project may be integrated nicely with my other idea…

An ancestor visualizer, a famility tree… a nation (Or global) wide family tree… inspired by Veritasium’s video, six degree of separation

But still…
Kinda cool, right?

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