Gigguk and Sydsnap

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So, I am a big fan of Gigguk (Even though I can’t pronounce his real name). And couple days ago YouTube recommended me a video by Sydsnap and I watched it for some reason.

The video I think is about a visual novel called Euphoria (Don’t ask my opinion on it) and I watched it, then let it in the background while I doing something else with my computer. You know, multitasking, like usual.

Then, all of sudden I heard Gigguk voiced?! huh, YouTube autoplay brought me to Gigguk huh..

And no, it’s still Sydsnap’s video… what?! They doing a collab, made sense

Then a QA played, and one of the question is how Sydsnap and Gigguk meet? Ok, that’s weird, why people curious about how collab started then…

I realized Gigguk and Sydsnap lived together, and they are a couple… that surprised the hell out of me

And today, after a couple days of stalking (Actually YouTube just recommend it to me), I did some research, and blablabla

They meet each other because of a video project by Gigguk called EvAbridged, Gigguk make abridged video, and Sydsnap is one of the voice actor, or actress I guess

That’s so sweet, their relationship started because of “work”

[Insert some hope about meeting someone because of work as well here]

And after some digging (Again), Sydsnap actually had showed up in some of Gigguk content in the past that I have watched, that’s really interesting

Gigguk and Sydsnap are really sweet.

Oh ya, about that thumbnail. They haven’t married, yet. Just a troll and helping their photograper friend making portofolio

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