OTW to Youth Event

On August 26th 2018, I went to an event in Denpasar which titled Youth Event, which held by NIEC Indonesia, a company that I never heard before actually

I bought the ticket three days before and I found this event in an advertisement in Instagram

Because the event held in part of Denpasar, that I don’t actually know, I was forced to use my motorcycle instead of car (Which proof to be a good, and bad idea)

So, as others night, I was working, and in this particular Saturday, I was working on switching Letisha’s platform from flutter to React Native, and therefor, because I was just too excited, I didn’t sleep on time (as usual)

Because of that, I woke up really late, like at 10 AM, which is fine if today is an ordinary day, but no, I got an event that I want to attend at 12.30… It would took about an hour or so to get there and since IDK the way, I need to add some buffer time… So I decided to go at 11… but well, it proof that it’s hard, I went at 11.30 after all

On the way there, near Siyut beach, I thought I found a backpacker looking for a car, I wanted to help, but because one reason and the other, I didn’t…

One of which is, that girl(or woman?) brought a lot of bags, which is impossible to bring with my motorcycle. And, it happened too fast, she wasn’t standing on a good place, she was kinda hidden, on the road side, but after a curve, so kinda hard to notice

If I got more time to think, I probably would help her by giving her internet and calling a gocar, grab or something

Oh yeah, before I got there, my maps acted weird, It forced me to go back and didn’t give the right direction… turned out, in google’s data there is a problem with the road I usually go to


Which turned out to be nothing 😂

This kind of kind really bugged me, back in April, there was also an event that I really wanted to go to, Gerakan 1000 Start Up, an event that probably help me reach my goal

But I wasn’t able to, because my motorcycle and car was used by my family?!!!!!??!? A (probably) important event for my life… I think I would post about this frustrating event(s) that I experienced in the future…

But to make it simple, I feel like there will always be a lot of problem, not bad problem, just a lot of them, that made me crazy to do something that I wanna do


Well, after I got out of my territory (the road that I had go through before), I lost couples of times, glad that I use motorcycle… and Maps kinda buggy

Near the place, Harry’s Hotel and Conference, there is a one way road, I went pass the hotel and I need to go around again just because this freaking one way road

Which is, kinda hypocritical, because days before when I played Cities Skylines, I thought one way road is a good solution for traffic, but I think I need to learn (play) more

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