Koe no Katachi

MAY 19, 2017
Hey, so I just watched an anime movie called Koe no Katachi, or Silent Voice… great movie, you should watch it as well

So basically it’s about a guy named Shoya Ishida who when he was elemtary school, he bullied a (kawai) girl named Shoko Nishimiya… and then a lot things happended and now everybody is keeped away from Shoya

It’s really great, this anime is better than Kimi no Na wa, I think personally… seriously…

This anime made me swimming inside the atmosphere of the drama of the anime… wadefak Am I talking about?

JUNE 20, 2017
Wait… sorry I was too busy with some business that I forget to continue all my draft, :v haha… Damn you final exam! telkom! competition(wait wat?)… who cares… let’s continue

So the story start with this guy named Ishida Shouyo who was really hate boredom, have a couple close friends and had a fun life… actually… no because to kill boredom they jump from an high bridge, by they I mean Ishida and his close friend

*Just like him, I was really hate boredom sine elementary school, but I always something fun todo, like when I finally have a laptop, I can’t stop finding new stuff… programming, web designing and a lot more…

Then a transfer student named Nishimiya Shouko arrived at his class, btw she is beautiful :v his bob hair just look perfect…

This transfer student is deaf, eaps… she is deaf and can’t speak properly, her face is beautiful but her voice is just terrible..

*Btw I always been hoping for a transfer student to my class, not just ordinary student… but a Japanese girl :v

And it turned out that Shouya is really interested in Nishimiya, I actually feel like Shouya was actually wanted to help Nishimiya, but you know … misunderstanding

*Just like real life, there are a lot of misunderstanding, personally most misunderstanding that I experienced is in form of text, why because with text we can’t put emotion into it… you know right, a sentence meaning WILL CHANGE ACCORDING TO HOW YOU SPOKEN IT

Then a lot happen Nishimiya, bla bla bla… a lot drama, really good drama, and Nishimiya transfer to other school

And Shouya got into his downest position, all his close friend turned into him, becoming his enemy and even prevent Shouya from making friend when he got into Junior Highschool

*This is something that I really scare about, it’s unlikely happen irl, but when your friends turned into your enemies, it just feels fucked up…

Then after a lot more thing happen Shouya decided to commit suicide, he work hard to make money for his mother, he decided that he must meet Nishimiya before he kill himself

And when they both met, a couple thing happen, like… talking surely, but before that Nishimiya run, for some reason,,,

*This is the part that I still don’t really understand, why she run, then stop? But irl if you met someone that bullied you before I think the first thing to do is definitely not to run… so wat? Don’t know

Skip, skip…  finally Shouya got friends in school after his heroic action helping the one with weird hair

*This is ezactly what happen to me, when I started senior highschool there is one person that I approached so much that now became my close friend,,, this is really weird story, and I will definitely write it sometime in the future basically  I approached him because I wanted to be a main hero in anime that I call IRL

Skip, skip drama happen, then after Shouya wake up to be happy again, accident happened that break everything apart, he upset his friends… something that he wanted so much this whole time… he screamed his friends’s bad characteristic…

*Simply bad, but honest is not bad… so is it bad or not?!

Then things happened, and a lot and bla bla… and finally it’s time for Nishimiya commit suicide, that ended up hospitalizing Shouya

*Damn! this one scene is seriously something that I wanted this whole time, I wanted a heroine that wanted to kill herself but ended up killing the hero that tried to help her… Read all sketch for my story in junior high school, most of it is about something like this…

Then a lot happend, but it is spoiler, I don’t want to spoil this really good movie to you, so watched it yourself… and relate all the problem Shouya(Hero, main chara) face to your life… and it gonna be inspiring

That’s it really good movie, but I just can’t spoil it too much, I just want to tell story that I can relate to(Most of it at least)… btw Yuzuru is really interesting character here, she is my favorite chara in this movie

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