Using WordPress as Private Blog is Hard

Hey, my name is Hari Anugrah
so just a couple days ago I rebuild my blog(Or should I say, I still rebuilding it, I still need to retrive my old content somehow), and I decided to use Blogger platform AGAIN

Eaps ‘AGAIN’, FYI, before I use wordpress for this blog, I use Blogger, but I migrated to wordpress to get more control over my blog, and… I think those control don’t give my advantage, rather made the process of posting story to this blog even harder(I need to think about the thumbnail for ex, the tag, the… the… there are a lot more OKAY?)

So why I migrated BACK  to my ex… platform(?)
Simple, it is just because Blogger is way simpler than wordpress(But I have limited control over my blog, of course) and also, I don’t need to pay for the hosting :v, the hosting cost quite a lot(And the main reason I rent that hosting is gone already, that is for my Letisha, but I use Azure now, bye hostinger)

And, I just rebuy, or rebought? or whatever, my old domain at and I planning to use the domain for this blog( today, but I use the domain to backup my old post at my wordpress instead for now

Basically, somehow I can rebuy the domain that already expired, that blew my mind, because I think I would never can buy this domain again… but thanks god…
FYI, I think I need to wait 3 or 4 month after expiration day to be able to use the domain again

And back to topic, why I think wordpress is not worthy for private blog like this one
First, because you need to think about more think than just your post, in Blogger you only need to focus to content, but in wordpress you also need to give some attention to your hosting provider in case they have problem with their server(Like I experienced a lot of times), and also you need to aware of a lot of think that wordpress could do(That take up your time bro…)

Second, there is no obvious reason why use wordpress instead of blogger for private blog(At least for me), most of the wordpress feature will be wasted because you don’t need most of them, like plugin, yeah of course there maybe one or two plugin that you might use(Like I use emoticon) but that’s not really relevant for private blog

Third, wordpress is designed for a lot of use, flexible, and editable, therefor wordpress is not focus to one niche, and the publisher need to make the wordpress so flexible that make wordpress so complicated, and that make us, who are not good enough at PHP, HTML and CSS can’t edit wordpress to really suit our need

Fourth, blogger have all feature that I needed for this blog, like statistic, ads(In fact adsense is owned by google, like blogger), analytics(maybe?), content editor and template… I think these are the feature I most used

That being said, I think wordpress is a really great platform, especially for profesional use like online shop, or news and I will consider wordpress as my platform if I make a blog with those kind of niche

So that’s all guys, I’m sure this is not the content that you looking for :v, you might need to change the query broh…. hahahaha

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