Status, no I’m not talking about Facebook or something… I talking about status, a follow up of previous story… Relationshit…

So today, an anniversary ceremony of my hometown is being held(The peak is May 10th), in the morning I goind for a Jalan Santai, if you don’t know that term, think somethink like car-free-day with coupon for prize

And while we walk(Schools in my hometown are participating) I met a lot of my old friends, and I met with someone that I liked… we talked a bit

And after that, I also chat with other girl…

And in the night, while I helping one of my friend, I talked a bit about relationship, the SHOULD I HAVING THEM part

And there my friend mentioned something like that I’m not serious about it, and that open my eyes… not exactly open my eyes, but lead me to open my eyes

So after he mentioned about it, I take a while to think what he mean by that, I see it from a lot of perspective, at first I did it because I want to improve my debate skill but then I realized… I wanted STATUS and not the … girl? I guess(It’s hard to describe by word)

And that is really fucked up, so rationally that is bad, but my intuition is leading me to do that… so that must be a heritage or some sort like that

And after taking another hours thinking about it, it was also the case(if I think it in others perspective), so I guess that is why I have a bad relationshit… and always complaining about it, wkwkwk

So basically I need my time to think about who am I serious with… and I think it would take awhile…

Thanks for triggering my debating skill, pfftt

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