Hey, so I just rewatched ReLife anime, best anime… I think

So I just watched the episode 2 and realize something, you might know it already… of course you know it, the title bro… the tile… Rival and rivalism

So if you don’t know me, I’m pretty smart at study, good at sport(Just good, not really good or something like that), good at several skill like video editing, designing and other… and I gain a lot of it when I was junior high school

yeah yeah, my junior high school life is not something that I consider as GOOD, but I got some friend that are really good(At their skill) and then I consider them as my rival

They are including Adi for drawing, smartness, skill, creative, english, Rizki for photography and Juna for electronics… And I consider them as my rival since maybe 8th grader

When I consider someone is my rival, I will try to beat them at their game, for example I learn to draw Anime character when Adi draw realistic, I do rich color photography when Rizki monochrome, and arduino when Juna use traditional IC

I learn a lot of thing by considering someine as my rival, but not everyone’s skill is I consider as NECESSARY(at least for me) therefor I’m not consider them as my rival

And did I say WHEN I WAS IN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL? Eaps, I did(Answeing my own question, lonely Hari) and I just realize it by now, that after almost a year I life as high schooler, I did not learn any new skill

Maybe it’s because people around me have skill that I’m not interested with, maybe it’s just because they don’t show their skill or maybe it’s just because of … ME?

Whatever is that, having no rival is not good for me, I need new skill, I starving for skill, I need a lot of skill for my future life… yeah… something big like that

I do consider some of my friend as rival, but not for their skill, but for their smartness, that’s not really make me interested and I’m not really that good at study anymore so that doesn’t count

BUT WAIT! Altough I don’t have any rival, some of my friend(Or enemy, should I say :3 ) is considering me as their rival, like for my social, gaming, smartness, ignorance, arrogant, knowledge, ambition…

A lot of my friend have tried to beat me at those, but I don’t really care, since I love to learn new skill, AND not to beat people

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