Hmmmm… this is a follow up story of the last story that I write while thinking about this story(Original rap by Hari Anugrah, :v)

So one topic that we talked about is about the most beautiful girl(like usual :v) but when talking about it, my ex passed in my mind and made me stressed out(njay… Hari, can’t you not analyse everything that you talking(Wtf with grammar)

“The most memorable thing about relationship, is the process to having them” -entah, is one quote that always inside my mind ever since I heard it, and it’s not actualy not accurate, but I need to add something, how you ended the relation, how you react afterward, and the relationship itself… is as important as well

I is the type who really loyal to something that I already have, or something that I had, including relationship… and thus made me stressed out, I can’t move on, like seriously there are a lot girl who I liked, and I think a lot of girl also liked (to kill) me,,, but why can’t I move on?!

Everytime I liked a new girl, I always like, …. I don’t know like, … fak I don;t know.. shit why ; and ” is realy close…  typo is unavoidable(Tongue twister)

Btw, that’s all… to be honest, writing what I think in the form of text really calm me down, I think VLOG won’t replace BLOG anytime soon…

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