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Okay, don’t ask me… but I will answer your question… (What?)

So this is the fifth version of this personal blog, what does it mean? It mean that this blog already been updated(Majorly, major update? ok, big change) 4 times and that is excluding small change(Minor update) and with the amount of content in mind(20-ish) I know that this many change is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.. or many or whatever

So this blog already vacuum for about 6… wait, wtf almost 6 months… anjay… and the reason is not because I don’t have content to write(In fact, there are lots of new thing happen to me in this time span) but mostly because I forget to extend my domain :v

I should extend my domain in December, but I forgot to do so(I blame homework for this, hehe) then, I realize it in maybe the end of December, and what I thought was… OH MY GOD?! I think if a domain already expired, it can’t be bought by anyone anymore …

And that mean, that I lose a domain that related to me, my name… I mean is clearly based on my name

But that is simply not true, so this Sunday(April 30th) I got in a topic that trigger me to check for my I use ‘my’?) and you know what? I COULD BUY IT!!!

Good news!!! Immediately after that I created a new blog, in Blogger platform with the reason that I published here using wordpress as private blog is hard and I also post the story that happen in that Sunday here, dear myself in 2 years

And yesterday(May 4th) I bought the domain(Not from, but Niagahoster, :v… I tried to buy it from but that’s just too complicated) and with a lot of struggle, I can retrieve my old hosting(That I used to host my old personal blog wordpress version)

Then I link that hosting to the domain, first thing that I tried is to export my old content to xml and import it to this blogger, but that fail because I forgot the credential to login to that wordpress… shit. I also tried to do full web backup and mySql backup, but I don’t know how to import that to blogger easily -,-

So I import the wordpress to blogger manually, with copy-pasting and reuploading picture(My old picture is saved in the hosting, and my hosting is also almost expired :v) and I just finished doing that an hour ago

So that is guys, the struggle that I done to retrieve the old content, my domain, and back bloging(Although I already doing vlogging)

So what’s new in 5th version of personal blog? template… obviously, in this blog now I use a material design template with a lot of adjustment to make it looks more personal to me, like the font, coloring, header, picture, gadget(or widget?) etc

Also in this blog, I updated the categorizing procedure(?!) I flatted the blog content structure and change a lot of content’s category to match the theme… this blog currently have : Create, Dear Myself ,Hari Diary (That somehow I typo in the 4th personal blog as HariDairy, :v), I Think, Story

This blog is also using the new Hari Anugrah Logo

This is my desktop’s wallpaper btw, looks so modern isn’t it? Right?!

So I think that’s it, oh yeah I also make a new principe for this blog that “Who care about content quality”, hope this principle help me paint this canvas more

Oh I also forget, I’m not facing this blog as media for sharing my experience anymore(In fact I removed experience from my blog category and changed it to story), now I see this blog as a canvas to paint what my mind

And, what does Who care about content quality principle mean? It mean I don’t need to make good quality content but rather write what I wanted, no more need for thumbnail, good tag, analytics, webmaster etc… just painting WHEN I WANTED TO, WHERE I WANTED TO, AND HOW THE WAY I WANTED TO … :v of course I still care about the basic stuff, but not as much as I used to be

Update just a couple second after clicking publish(hmm, pfftt)
I want to redirect the domain to this blog right now, that is … that also mean that I have to say bye bye to the old wordpress blog, because now I only have the backup, and the hosting will expired in maybe a week or something // byeeee my old wordpress blog, I MOVED ON(or MOVED ON BACK TO THE OLD CHOICE THAT I CHOOSE BEFORE I CHOOSE YOU)

And just for my reminder, the old slogan for the old wordpress blog was ‘Let’s make a story’ and then replaced with ‘How I See The World’

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