My First English Debate is NSDC Regional #FDebate

So if you don’t know, I’m an English debater, not a GOOD one because I just practice a couple time in the past(Not even 10 times)

But with no experience(At ALL), the first debate competition that I really follow is NSDC, National School Debate Competition Regional Bali

Why I said THAT I REALLY FOLLOW? Because Avicena doesn’t count, seriously how can I consider it as debating, without even debating?!

So the NSDC was held at April 18th 2017, and I notified by my senior that I have to participating in MY SENIOR’s team 2 weeks earlier

Eaps! 2 weeks! I can’t even speak English fluently at the time in front of my teacher, how can I do this?! Why you do this?

And that 2 weeks was not effective at all, I mean Galungan and Kuningan was held at that 2 weeks! Oh my god, so basically there are 2 or 3 practice for me and then… BOOM!

Oh yeah, I did say my senior team, my team are: Kak Laras as first speaker, Kak Indy as second speaker, I as third speaker and Kak Laras again as reply speaker

Kak Laras and Kak Indy are really experienced, they are 11th grader and already participating several debate competition, compare to me… who have no experience… shitt…

I don’t even know what to bring to the competition, luggage? bag? how much clothing? which of my school uniform should I wear? etc… Basically I had no idea what will happen at that 3 days(18-20)

Btw, a day before I went to the competition, what I did is not learn and practicing but helping one of my friend, Vani to make film for entire day… what a nice student… what a nice contestant

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