Less Think Help More

Hi, human are social… they can feel how others feel that called as empathy therefor human can’t live alone

So a couple weeks ago I watched a YouTube video about study that say something like… HELP is the immediate think that people would think if they see people struggling, but the more time they have to think about it the less they will help them

Why? It’s because if they have time, they would think what the benefit for them if they help the people that struggling and most of the time, they will not get any benefit… therefor will lessen their will to help

I notice it yesterday, when my junior high school’s friend, Mudite ask for my help and because I already implement the WHO CARE PRINCIPLE (pfftt, somehow it make me cringe…) I don’t think about it and say OK immediately…

And in the night I think about it(I usually did it, I would think about the choice that I did the entire day, and why I choose it) and somehow I conclude that I would not get any benefit for helping him

And this is also the case for almost every time people ask for my help, if I think about it I would, most of the time deny them, but if I JUST HELP THEM IMMEDIATELY, I will just help them…

The problem is, if I do their quest(Eaps, I see it as quest :v, real life game) immediately without thinking the benefit and consequences, they will just harness(I don’t know the right word :v, so I use Google Translate) me… and that is bad for my future, and my professional life

This is happen to me a lot of time, that I help people but they don’t help me when I asked them to… (anjay) and I always got some excuse for myself to accept their reason why they don’t help me… and obviosly this is bad if I do it as my habit, especially if they ask my help that use my skill(That I learn for years) but they don’t give me any benefit

I’m not saying that helping people are bad, in fact helping people most of the time make me feel relax and satisfied, what I’m saying is that, if you ask someone’s help, don’t forget about it and help them when they need

If I think about the benefit of helping people, I will say that it feel relaxing and satisfying, not to mention KARMA, they will help me(You) when I needed their help… and… yea my bond with them will become stronger

And also, if I deny them(Maybe because I too busy with my project, homework, grouptask, or helping other friend) I will feel bad to them…

Human are weird

manusia akan memilih untuk menolong terlebih dahulu, lalu mereka akan berpikir apa untung ruginya, dan berakhir dengan tidak menolong 

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