Let’s make a story is the slogan for previous version of this Blog, read here in case you interested…

So currently I’m in the middle of making the report for my history lesson’s group task and because it’s me, I take a break in the middle of it

While making this history task, I called back some of my old thought, which is the LET’S MAKE STORY slogan, I already changed it, but it’s still in my Google Plus profile

So if you read the slogan and feel familiarity that’s no coincidences, that’s only because the slogan was inspired by one famous slogan, that is LET’S MAKE HISTORY

See? History, the name of post in this blog, I called them Story, that is because Story is part of history and literally… there is story inside hiSTORY

Other than that, I’m a boy, and a pronoun for male is HE, and saying ownership is using HIS, like his book, his girlfriend, his thing… and how about if he has a story? eaps! His Story, History! Story!!!! Got it?! I mean, hey it’s pretty simple, though so awesome… linguistically and meaningly(if that’s a term)

Oh yeah, in case you wondering about the new slogan, HOW I SEE THE WORLD, is the consept of this blog, I don’t want to make making story complicated, so I just make it simple… and meaningful

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