Feel Bad to BuzzFeed

Hey, do you know BuzzFeed? Like BuzzFeedRed BuzzFeedBlue etc? Basically they are multimedia company that make video for YouTube, they consist of a lot of creator that make video for a company

And btw, my favorite BuzzFeed’s show is…. (Drum roll) BuzzFeed UNSOLVED!!! You have to watch it! Go on, open YouTube search for BuzzFeed UNSOLVED and watch it

Back to topic, so recently I found out that some BuzzFeed creator are quiting from BuzzFeed(You also can find their video on YouTube) and they stated that they quite because BuzzFeed limit them

Something like, BuzzFeed creator CAN’T make video for other channel… which is make sense… see it this way

You have a game company and all of the company employee should make game for your company… Right?! And what you will say if they work for other company in their free time?

Now just change, your gaming company as BuzzFeed, the employee as video creator and other gaming company as other channel! That’s it!

What making me feel bad is that, most of the video creator that quit, already gain popularity through their video at BuzzFeed

Logicly, this is a good strategy to gain popularity and once you get popularity, you can make your own channel and quit BuzzFeed… basically making the BuzzFeed as your kick starter

But this is making me feel bad to BuzzFeed, because their creator just seeing BuzzFeed as A TOOL to gain popularity…

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