Fak All This Shit, This Task, This Test, This Phone, This Internet

Ok, I want to start this story with … FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK FAK!!!!!

Oh my god, I can’t hold it… why are there something that called task?! not only homework?! but grouptask?! it so faking hard!!

It’s always been my hardest thing to do since junior high school, but when junior high school I only have one or two(Actually it’s more than 3 each week) grouptask in the same time but now?!

Okay the problem is not about the quantity, but the level… when junior high school, I usually got grouptask for presentation of a chapter in a book(Or sub of it) or at most, making video(That I post in my YouTube channel)

But now, even one of them is really hard, or should I say,,, WAY TOO HARD!!! I mean making two video(One musicalization of poetry and one drama) and the timing will be when the final exam will be held! THE FUCK?!

Do they think we only have those two task?! NO! I have a lot of friend, and they often ask my help in the worst timing ever! Like a day before debate competition, before final exam etc!

I also have tasks to help my parents! How about social? I also need to maintain all my relation to my friend, not only my group, but also my old elementary friend!

Skill, hobby, 24 hours is not enough don’t you guys know that?!

Final exam, I only understand like,,, 60% of all the material that I needed, and that is really bad! The final exam is within one week! And my schedule is already full to make all the grouptask… oh welll… fak

My phone is stupidly slow! my phone is broken! my fucking internet connection is down every single second! fuck you indihome, it’s been more than one month and I already complain again and again but the problem are not solved yet? Fak this laptop! Why your fan is really noisy! Are your fan break?! Fak u

Ok now I calmed a little, writing my feeling really help me calm down… Maybe I should start learning right now…

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