Dear Myself in 2 Years

Update, the day after… pfftt

Hey myself in 2years, I am here right now at Galih’s sharehouse, we just leave Anan’s freaking home for the faking dance making task(I know, it would be a great memory to talk to your son btw) and instead or directly going home, you and Galih decided to eat Sate, because you know, you are so rich :v (When you only want to go eat, because Galih would pay for you :3 but at last, you decided you will pay it by yourself, stupid morron :p)

And Galih bought a Martabak(I almost type marijuana, pfftt) and then we ate it at Galih’s sharehouse, then we talked a bit(Like, 3 hours?) we talked about my heroic goal, my heroic action that I did, basicly everything about me, I showed off(And Galih see when I write this, and say that I am so arrogant, but it a fact nonetheless so who care, morron) no, but seriously, we talked about a lot of thing, especialy something that made me really, hmmm stressed out, like faking seriously you you bring that kind of topic, faking morron(Btw what does Morron mean?)

Oh yeah, then after a couple hour, it is about 9 PM already, and it is rainy, I can’t go home, then I texted my mom that I would stay here tonight(You know, I want to steal his… wait, Galih doesn’t have anything here, poor Galih…)’

Then we watched some TV, then somehow the topic came to my post about “Dear myself in 3 years”, but before that, I have to struggle to find the post inside my MySQL database at my server because my domain is already expired(Hari Anugrah is a liar, I mean a pelupa(Wait wat?)) and.. I read the story and answer it a little bit, but it’s the time yet to show my reaction, I will still have to wait 2 more year, then I decided to make the next Dear Myself story

Can you see me? I am invisible

And finnally, it come to the real post… Btw how is my grammar this far(Excluding some word that I used although I don’t know what the meaning is, but you know your English is improved a lot since the last Dear Myself, mostly because you have a lot more friends that could talk in English, like Gebuh, and your senior(Laras and Indy, whos have their own blog btw)

Oh yeah, about your English, how good you already talking in English? How much English debate you already did, and how much tourist that already came and talk with you?

But still I hope you study hard(I hope, but I don’t think you would) do you still have problem with your teacher? awkward yeah, hopefully you adressed all the problem that made I not comfortable studying, I hope the word dying in the word studying is not real(Quote by Galih, copyrighted :v)

Heh, I have a debate in a week(Mei 6th 2017), how is is going? Is it going great? hopefully we win… need some money to buy the playerunknown battleground game, speaking of it

How much game do you already played? Did you bought the battleground game? have you play it with Gebuh and Gaming Group? You have to,,, I am so excited about the game right now, I was confused between paying the registration fee for the debate or buy the game… -,-

Oh yeah, how about your relation? Are you still awkward? Want to help but powerless like I do right now(Have no money in my bank to pay for Anggi’s debate)? Pfftt hopefully you be more open about what you think to people…

Btw I was so impressed about the result and the process of the NSDC, like rank 5? How can it be possible? You don’t even came to most of the debate practice :v, yeah you got number 25 of best speaker, but it still unbelieveable, I think I would got the last(Like… ehem, the last time,,,) but we did it… NAILED IT!

Oh yeah, I was soooooooooooooo(followed by hundread more o, but not enough memory address) impressed that you could control you mental so goodly back when the NSDC, like seriously, you could control your nervousness?! The hell, that is so great, hope you could expand the benefit of the WHO CARE principle more! pfffttt… bad principle, good implementation,.,.,.,.,.

And, Galih is already sleep, but it still 12 PM, and I watch America’s Got Talent, of 44 years old comedian talking that it is really easy to make a child but so hard to make the stand for his TV, so funny I can’t myself but to lough so loud… LOL :v

But, that’s all I think, I use Galih’s 4G connection, his TV, his sharehouse, his laptop, his electricity, but… my skill :v … wait, so arrogant :3 pfftt.. yeah that’s all, need to sleep because tomorrow I have to go to technical meeting of the debate competition at Denpasar with Deoming… bye (Just kidding, I won’t sleep just yet, maybe reshape this new blog, and import the old content of the old wordpress web)

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